ANTIVIRUS 2021 Updated

Antivirus is a type of software that is used to prevent, delete and detect the virus. When an antivirus installed, it runs in the background to protect viruses from the… Read more

The Google Page Experience update now rolled out in stages.

Starting Thursday, top stories will no longer use AMP as an eligibility criterion. The page experience update is already being sent out by Google. The rollout will be sluggish and… Read more

Insights from Google Search Console are now available to everyone.

This latest batch of reports is now available a year after the limited beta was launched. All Google Search Console certified profiles now have access to the Google Search Console… Read more

Google demotes libellous content in search through its predatory sites algorithms

Google will continue to prioritize high-quality, relevant information over sites that aim to profit from people’s reputations. In its article “Google Seeks to Break Vicious Cycle of Online Slander,” published… Read more

Your CLS score for Google Search Console’s core web vitals report has recently improved.

You may have noticed a significant increase in your CLS score without doing anything. You may see an improvement in your cumulative layout shift (CLS) metrics if you examine your… Read more

Google shows off MUM, a new technology that is 1,000 times more powerful than BERT.

Multitasking is the main differentiator, allowing MUM to learn, understand, and generate language while also interpreting text, images, and video. At Google I/O on Tuesday, Google’s Prabhakar Raghavan demonstrated a… Read more

LaMDA, a Google project, will allow for open-ended voice discussions.

At Google’s I/O event on Tuesday, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, showed off a new conversational model called LaMDA, or “Language Model for Dialogue Applications.” The new language model… Read more

With a focus on reviews and social media, Storage Asset Management succeeds.

SAM relies significantly on customer reviews, which are controlled by Reputation Management. Storage Asset Management, or SAM, is situated in Pennsylvania and has a strong marketing strategy. Surprisingly, the organization… Read more

For technical SEO practitioners and site developers, news from Google I/O

The announcements made by the Chrome team on the availability of technologies and extensions to their current products in the “What’s new for The Web Platform” presentation have a lot… Read more
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