What Function Does SEO Play in Digital Marketing?

The practice of making a web page easy to find, crawl, and categorize is known as SEO (search engine optimization). It’s all about assisting your clients in locating your company… Read more

Top SEO Trends 2021 that you must need to know

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is possibly the most constant and valuable marketing channel available to any marketer. In fact, according to Merkle’s 2019 Digital Media study, SEO accounted for… Read more

What is SEO?

S.E.O. is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the method of improving the overall visibility of your web pages on search engines by optimizing them. This aids in increasing… Read more

Zero-click Google searches grew to roughly 65 percent

Efforts to restrict Google haven’t had much of an impact. Furthermore, while the epidemic may have increased total search volume. Zero-click searches may increase even more as individuals become more… Read more

Search Console’s Shared Array Buffer warnings: Clarifying a new cross-origin isolation security policy

After Spectre forced a multiyear security blackout on the functionality until new security criteria were in place, Android Chrome 88 and desktop Chrome 91, as well as Firefox 79+, now… Read more

How Gootkit trojan distributes ransomware via Google SERPs

Unwitting developers who look for script help on forums may become victims of the Gootkit virus and ransomware assaults. In today’s marketing technologies, it’s standard practice to include scripts in… Read more

Google webspam report: 60% increase in spam detection

According to Google’s 2020 webspam report, the business spotted 40 billion spam pages each day, up from 25 billion in 2019. In 2020, Google will detect 40 billion spam pages… Read more

Additional travel alert notices have been added to Google’s search results, and update to its trip planning tools

Google’s user-friendly feature improvements will help it maintain a competitive advantage in the online travel business. Google search will now include additional COVID-related travel alerts and restriction information, the company… Read more
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