The Google Page Experience update now rolled out in stages.

Starting Thursday, top stories will no longer use AMP as an eligibility criterion.

The page experience update is already being sent out by Google. The rollout will be sluggish and will go through the end of August 2021, according to Google.

The announcement.

“The page experience update is now slowly rolling out,” Google announced on Twitter (Top Stories will begin using this new signal by Thursday). By the end of August 2021. It will be finished.”


The Google Page Experience Update: User experience to become a Google ranking factor

Top stories.

Google will begin considering page experience indications for inclusion for the top stories carousel and section on Thursday, June 17.

Don’t expect huge ranking changes.

As a reminder, this release will not result in significant changes in Google Search rankings. This will be a gradual process. And Google previously stated that no major changes are expected. “While this update is intended to highlight pages that provide excellent user experiences. Page experience is still one of many factors our systems consider… As a result, sites should not expect significant changes,” Google stated.


The original launch was postponed till now. But it is now taking place. The following is a general timeframe for the implementation:

Mid-June rollout.

So, what’s new with the page experience change right now?

  • The new ranking system will be implemented gradually.
  • The AMP badge will gradually fade away.
  • The possibility of a page experience badge will be tested further. Although Google has not yet finalized its plans for this badge.
  • Google Search’s Top Stories carousel will be adjusted to incorporate all news items that comply with Google News’ content regulations and guidelines. To rank in some top stories. AMP is no longer required. This is true “regardless of its Core Web Vitals score or page experience status,” according to Google. This transition will also begin in mid-June and end by the end of August.
  • The Google News app and do not require AMP.
  • HTTPS, mobile-friendly, secure surfing, and no obtrusive interstitials are likely to be included in the mid-June deployment. As Google already has these ranking signals in place before the page experience announcement.

End of August rollout.

By the end of August, Google expects to have completed the full implementation of the page experience update ranking modification. This will include all of the essential web essential metrics, as well as the ones indicated below, such as LCP, FID, and CLS (as well as Chrome’s recent fix for CLS).

Remember, this is what the new page experience upgrade involves. And will start rolling out in mid-June and be completed by the end of August. It will not be operational in May of 2021, as previously stated.

Do not confuse with core updates.

The page experience update, which uses core web vitals as a signal. Should not be confused with core updates. They are unrelated and have no bearing on one another. In reality, the core update for June 2021 was recently released on June 12th. The fundamental improvements have a greater impact on Google Search ranking fluctuations than this page experience update.

Why we care.

For almost a year, the majority of you have been waiting for this upgrade to arrive. It is presently being rolled out. Again, do not expect significant ranking changes as a result of this deployment, and do not confuse it with ranking adjustments as a result of the June core update or the July core update.




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